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* Radar of approaching precipitation
The Forecast Radar image shows where precipitation is expected to be in the next 20-30 minutes. Precipitation type is indicated by the color - green is rain, pink is a mix of rain, freezing rain, sleet, and/or snow, and blue is snow.

Nowrad weather radar is updated 4 times per hour and distinguishes between rain, sleet, and snow. 

     Rain is falling where the image shows green (light rain), yellow (more intense rain), or red (very intense rain).  Reload the link if think you are not getting the latest image.  Subtract 4 hours to convert Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  Subtract 5 hours to convert to Eastern Standard Time.  Converting UTC time to Local time

Maine text forecasts
Individual town area forecasts

Augusta - Waterville - Auburn - Lewiston

    Howland - Lincoln

Bangor - Bucksport - Old Town

    Portland - Brunswick
Bar Harbor - Ellsworth - Machias     Presque Isle - Caribou
Belfast     Rangeley - Jackman
Dover Foxcroft - Greenville     Rockland
Farmington - Rumford     Sanford

Fort Kent - Allagash


Houlton - Millinocket


During growing season (April-September):  Detailed weather forecast for UMaine Highmoor Farm Ag Experiment Station in Monmouth, Maine.
Hourly 5-day forecast chart, along with 7-day hourly forecast and observation tables, degree day table, 32-day temperature and rain charts.  Updated twice daily.

Monmouth ME - 10 day forecast, climatic averages, etc.  Enter city name or zip code to get same info for your location.    

* Available all year:
Today's forecast map

Northeast travel weather today

       Next morning Forecast Map          
                 Next afternoon Forecast Map
Next evening Forecast Map

       Next Day "all day" Forecast Map

* 3-day forecast data table for 17 Maine stations
     This is a data table that may be overwhelming at first glance, but once you get familiar with it, it provides a detailed forecast of when and how much rain is expected.
3-day forecast code definitions. 
     The times shown are in Greenwich time.  Subtract 4 hours to convert times to Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  From early November to early March, subtract 5 hours to convert to Eastern Standard Time.  Converting UTC time to Local time

* 8-day forecast summary for 17 Maine stations
Similar to above, with less detail but more days.  8-day forecast code definitions.

 Rain forecasts
     Many of these images are referenced to Greenwich Mean Time.  Subtract 4 hours to convert to Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  Subtract 5 hours for Eastern Standard.  Converting UTC time to Local time  

   Amount of rain
Northeast precipitation forecast for today

      These next three maps are sometimes blank, and may not be updated on weekends, so be sure to check the effective end date shown at the bottom of each map.  By National Weather Service, Boston office.
New England precip Today - 7am to 7pm
           New England precip Tonight - 7pm to 7am tomorrow
                New England precip Tomorrow - 7am to 7pm

National 5-day precipitation forecast - amount of rain expected over the five day period beginning today indicated by color bars.  Amounts expected at specific locations marked with an "X".

   Probability of rain
National precipitation PROBABILITIES forecast
for today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night.
Four-panel U.S. map (downloads slowly sometimes), one panel for each 12 hour period ending at 8pm or 8am.   
S=showers, R=rain, TRW=thunderstorm.  Image from Plymouth State College.

 Long range forecasts

6-10 day Temperature outlook                6-10 day Precipitation outlook

8-14 day Temp. outlook                            8 -14 day Precip. outlook

The outlook maps show the probability of temperature or precipitation to be in either the warmest/coolest or wettest/driest third of observations for the same dates compared to previous years (1971-2000). 
       An area where normal values are expected will have a 33% chance of being in the above normal group, 33% chance of being in the middle (normal) group, and 33% chance of being in the below normal group.
       For a more detailed explanation of how to interpret these maps, click here.  

Long range temperature and precipitation outlooks
From the first day of the month until the 3rd Thursday of the month (date varies from 15th to 21st), these are the most current monthly outlooks:
      Current month Temperature outlook   
             Current month Precipitation outlook

     From the 3rd Thursday (date varies from 15th to 21st) until the end of the month, these are the most current monthly outlooks:  
       Next month Temp. outlook
              Next month Precip. outlook 

    General outlooks are for the coming three-month period:
       3 month Temp. outlook 
             3 month Precip. outlook


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